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All your needs of Turkish construction materials

Turkey occupies an important position in the construction materials industry and internal and external extrusion due to its diverse products with great competitive advantages, Turkey exports construction and export products to 51 countries around the world.

Cima Trading secures and supplies required materials for construction projects meeting the needs of contractors and construction companies both in Turkey and anywhere in the world. We help these companies by purchasing and exporting the applications needed to complete their projects, and provide recommendations and innovative solutions from the initial design to the construction finishing process.

In addition, we are eager to inform our clients about the new and latest technologies and modern designs to keep them up-to-date on everything new in this field.

Goods supplied by Cima in this area include:
elevator exportation and supplies from turkey
Elevators and Escalator
construction materials exportation from Turkey
Construction Equipment
air conditioning supplies from Turkey
Air Conditioning Materials
Building and insulation supplies from Turkey
Building & Insulation Materials
Sanitary extensions & Supplies from Turkey
Sanitary extensions & Supplies
Aluminum/PVC Facades exportation from Turkey
Aluminum/PVC Facades & Windows
Armored Internal & External Doors
Armored Internal & External Doors
Interior and Exterior Decoration
Interior and Exterior Decoration
Internal & external ex-service materials
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